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Listen to your Best Friend

Suppose that your dog could talk. And suppose you’ve scheduled a renovation of your main floor, maybe going as far as also landscaping the backyard. Imagine yourself asking your dog if she or he has any ideas about the way things should go. Such a conversation could be the impetus for the development of a […]


Renovating for Kids!

Renovating a bathroom or a kitchen is one thing. Creating a space for kids is quite another. When you are planning an addition or renovating a floor in your home, this is probably the ideal time to come up with a special child-space. But it needs careful consideration ‒ more careful, perhaps, than choosing appliances […]


Have the Home Office of Your Dreams

As technology changes and enhances the way we live, most of us are able to work from our homes at least part of the time. In fact, during the current Covid-19 pandemic many of us are required to work from our homes!  Working from home is both a blessing and a curse, some will say, […]