Housing Resolutions for 2021

Each year at this time I talk about resolutions for housing in Ottawa for the coming year. For 2021 I would still like to see the public conversation focus more around the contribution homes make to our communities, to our fellow citizens, and to ourselves and our families. Last year the City committed to seeing […]
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How Lumber Supply Affects Housing

If you’re building a new home, thinking about one, or have bought lumber for a home renovation project recently, you’ve likely seen media reports about supply constraints and sharp price increases in wood products — specifically pressure-treated wood, plywood and framing lumber. A big part of what you’re seeing now is the lag effect from […]


Renovating for Energy Savings

In August 2019 in this space I spoke about improving your home’s energy efficiency through renovating, and how improving the energy efficiency in existing housing is extremely important to our future quality of life in Ottawa. Since that time there have been two important developments: First, the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) certified the first […]


Why You Should Renovate

If you already love your home, why should you renovate? There are lots of reasons, but what it comes down to is tailoring your home to how you really want to live. It’s about lifestyle, comfort, aestheticism, and investment. Loving your home doesn’t mean it’s necessarily perfect, as you know. There’s always something that could […]