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Brampton Brick

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3007 County Road 29, Brockville, ON, Canada K6V 5V2


The Brampton Brick story begins in 1871 when Packham Brick Works opened on the east side of Brampton. By 1960, the newly named Brampton Brick replaced the old pressed brick equipment with extrusion technology. The efficiency of this new process increased output from 2 million bricks per year to 26 million! The market responded enthusiastically, helping build one of the most advanced brick-making facilities in the world, eventually growing to produce over 300 million top-quality bricks per year.

Since then, we have further separated ourselves from the competition. By combining our immense clay brick experience with the concrete expertise of Oaks Landscape Products, Brampton Brick established itself as the ONE trusted source for masonry materials and products.

Through decades of excellence, our long-lasting and versatile products have helped transform neighbourhoods, towns, and communities all across North America. When you see driveways, homes, or backyard landscaping projects, you see Brampton Brick products.

We are focused on leading the way in innovation, affordability, and lifetime satisfaction for every one of our customers.



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