Ardington and Associates Design Inc.

Phone Number: 613 882-3425
126 York Street, Ottawa, ON, Canada, Suite 502 K1N 5T5

We are a small residential design firm in the Byward market area of Ottawa Ontario. Our creative group of staff provide residential and small commercial design services for a wide range of clients throughout Ontario. Our collaborative, client-focused design process results in projects as unique as their owners.

Constraint and Collaboration are the core to each of our projects. We don't think of constraints as barriers for our ability to innovate, we think of them as tools for creativity. Every project comes with many constraints. Every client has their own requirements, ideas, and budget. Every site has it's own boundaries, location, and context. Recognizing and combining these constraints drive ideas and originality. Identifying and responding to these constraints is a collaborative effort between ourselves, our clients, and everyone involved in the project. From conception to completion we encourage an ongoing open dialogue between everyone involved to ensure each project is delivered as intended.